iOT LiFi Platform

“Out of the box” Wireless Connectivity for Easier Development

The LiFinside module Pack Kit for LiFi applications by Oledcomm eases the development of products intended to wirelessly communicate in compliance with IEEE 802.15.7 standard.

LiFinside is the open, global standard of choice for connecting&connected lighting applications providing ease-of-use and low-cost installation and maintenance for both consumers and business.

LiFinside is the language of connecting&connected lighting in homes and businesses for iOT. It is in innovative products that provides new ways to use light for wireless communication, improve comfort and convenience, and save energy.

LiFinside allows consumers easy-to-use control over all their LED lightings, connected objects, remotes and switches. Products based on LiFi technology let consumers connect objects, change lighting remotely to reflect ambiance, all while managing energy use and making their homes greener and communicating.

Create the Light as a Service

Whether you are looking to or develop your own connected LiFi products, Oledcomm can deliver the products and services you need and help you Create the Light as a Service.


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